Close to our customers: from concept to delivery

Manufacturing concept

Manufacturing conceptApplying the most advanced technologies on the market, the engineering team at Algontec works hand in hand with our clients in the design, development and execution of the best solution to meet their needs.

Design and CAE

Design and CAE

With a wide experience in the design of pieces and the latest CAE technology, at Algontec we are involved in our clients’ projects from the initial stages.

Thanks to the latest CAD technology and a wide experience in the production of all sorts of components, we work with the client in the process of Design for Manufacturing which allows us to optimize the later stages of production.

Validation and tests


Validación y ensayos

At Algontec we conduct functional tests and assessments in accordance with a validation plan based on clients’ requirements.

        • Mechanical tests
        • Physical tests (Ta fusion etc)
        • Functional tests of resistance, aging and fatigue
        • Appearance tests: resistance to scratching, colour measurement
        • Validation tests
        • Tridimensional measurements


Molds and equipment

Medios productivos, moldes y equipos

Our installations are equipped with a wide range of blow molding machines which enable us to produce pieces of very different sizes. 

Algontec stands out in the development and management of molds and tools with an excellent group of suppliers.

Our suppliers have a high technical capacity and solid experience.

Their high level of integration with out team allow us to optimize our clients’ investments and offer them a rapid response capacity.

Moreover, the diverse finishing technologies (robots, presses, cutting tools, welding facilities) enable us to produce highly complex pieces.



Industry 4.0

Logo Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad 002The OPTIPROCESSDATA project, developed by ALGONTEC, will allow the implementation of a mass communication and data processing system in the transformation processes, as well as the implementation of a MES type plant management system, within an Industry 4.0 environment, allowing a control Of the plant in real time..

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.





IndustriaEnergiaYTurismo ALGONTEC has developed the project "Improving productive lines, increasing its performance and incorporating innovative technologies to increase competitiveness and production", financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, with EXPTE RCI-010000-2014-220, which Will allow an improvement of the production lines, increasing its productive capacity as well as gain in efficiency and versatility of the processes.



Algontec produced more than 15 million pieces in 2013