The Company

Algontec has more than 30 years’ experience as a top level
supplier in the automotive industry

First as part of the CEFA group (tier 1 leader in the production of injection components), since 2001 with the opening of a production plant in Zaragoza, Spain, it has established itself as an independent firm with a clear commitment to blow molding.

As a result of solid growth and our dedication to meeting our clients’ needs, a second plant, Algontec Polska, was opened in Poland in 2008.

Today Algontec has successfully placed itself on the international stage and one in four of the cars made in Europe carries components produced by Algontec.

Feria IZB (Wolfsburg, 14 – 16 octubre 2014)

Looking to the future, we will be maintaining our commitment to quality and customer service in order to continue growing in new markets